Monday, July 26, 2021

No Consensus on Immigration

Americans are deeply divided on the right direction on immigration as the issue continues to bedevil the Biden administration. Gallup reports that the public is divided into three near equal camps concerning the amount of immigration: increase immigration (33%), decrease (31%) and keep at present level (35%).

It reflects change in the last ten years (see chart above, 2009-2021), with the “decrease immigration” group declining and reaching its lowest level in 2021 and the “increase immigration” trending upward. But, there is still no majority and extreme factions that want near open borders or zero immigration are camped in both the increase and decrease groups. Also, while Hispanic citizens are more in favor of increased immigration than most, there are still many in the decrease (25%) or keep same (33%) camps. Not surprising, the biggest differences are in party identification, with 50 percent of Democrats for increased immigration, but only 10 percent of Republicans. A majority of Republicans (57%) prefer decreased immigration (only 12% of Democrats).

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