Monday, July 19, 2021

“Denver Water Sues Boulder County” and “West is Baking, Burning and Drying Out”

Two recent Colorado Sun headlines explain the political conflict in Colorado that is hampering a storage project that would provide water to millions in the Denver metropolitan area. Boulder County commissioners have made clear that they oppose the expansion of Gross Reservoir regardless of planning, mitigation and public input. Denver Water has spent millions and years in preparing the project for federal approvals, which are eminent. The County, in a desperate attempt to stop it, is now simply delaying their decision by requesting more and more information. The Boulder County strategy is not unique. Several cities and counties attempt to use land use regulations to stop projects from even being considered for approval.

As the West and Denver area “bake, burn and dry out,” people should remember who stopped the water storage.

The parched landscape around Eads, Colorado, after an extended
summer of extreme drought | Marc Piscotty/COLab

Denver Water is planning major expansion of the reservoir that will increase
height of the Gross Reservoir Dam outside Boulder by 131 feet and water
storage by 77,000 acre-feet | Chris Schneider, Special to The Colorado Sun

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