Friday, July 9, 2021

Is Bennet Vulnerable?

Is Bennet vulnerable? Not according to national pundits and Colorado has not been hospitable to statewide Republicans in recent years, but if the party is going to get reorganized, it needs to get in the game with new candidates and messages. No matter how down and out Republicans locally are, the senate race will be dominated by polarizing national issues and will attract attention and possibly resources. My view expressed in an article in the Colorado Times Recorder by Sean Price was that the biggest challenge is separating from former President Donald Trump.

Photo: Colorado Times Recorder

“The state has become more difficult for Republicans,” Colorado political analyst Floyd Ciruli said. “And Mr. Trump doesn’t help. I won’t argue universally, but this is one state where he is an incredible net negative.”

 “The usual dynamic is that there will be somebody representing the Trump wing and then one or more candidates representing the establishment,” Ciruli said. “So, I have no doubt there will be a lively primary. I’m just not sure the ultimate winner of that primary will be able to gain any traction.”

While the road to unseat Bennet is arduous, Ciruli said there is some hope for Republicans. National Republican groups will be funneling money into congressional races across the country, especially any Senate races that look even slightly up for grabs.

 “I definitely think there could be a race, I just don’t see one at the moment,” Ciruli said.

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