Thursday, July 15, 2021

Dictators Rally for Cuba

Russia, China and Iran have read out statements of solidarity with the Cuban regime. They all share Cuba’s view that any domestic problem is caused by the U.S. embargoes, not the government’s incompetence. The speed of the statements shows their sensitivity to protest as each has had threats of destabilization of their authoritarian rule.

Russia framed their support as striving for “normalization of the situation;” i.e., the pacification of the population. China went for the big picture citing the recent UN vote condemning the U.S. sanctions toward Cuba and claiming China supports upholding “social stability…” Iran said the U.S. is interfering in Cuba’s internal affairs. 

Generally, the media is not optimistic that anything will change in Cuba, but negotiating with the regime is probably off the table today. In fact, Florida politics and national Republicans are demanding more aggressive action from the administration.

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