Monday, January 4, 2021

Sky News Australia Covers Colorado’s Presidential Race

Sky News Australia offers straight news and reporting in its daytime segments, but like Fox News USA, the evening prime time is dominated by right-leaning punditry. 

Trudy McIntosh posted a YouTube interview from October 23 on the Colorado presidential and senate elections. My contribution was:

  • Colorado is no longer a swing state. Democrats are in the dominant position.
  • President Trump didn’t campaign or spend money in Colorado.
  • Arizona and Nevada are now the swing states receiving Republican attention.
  • Polls had Joe Biden ahead by double-digits, and indeed he won by 13 points.
  • Cory Garner lost his senate seat again as predicted, but on Nov. 3, control of the Senate did not shift to Democrats.

Trudy McIntosh reporting on Sky News, Oct. 23, 2020 | YouTube screenshot

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