Thursday, January 7, 2021

Colorado Swears In Two Dramatically Different Congresspersons

Colorado just elected two new members of Congress who represent dramatically different political career paths and positions on the issues that overshadow the riotous start of the 117th U.S. Congress.

John Hickenlooper, replacing Cory Gardner, began his political career in 2003 as the mayor of Denver, served two terms as governor and ran for president in 2019, dropping out before the primary to begin his successful senate campaign. Although he fashions himself as a businessman first and an amateur politician, he’s obviously good at politics and now has 17 years of experience in office or running. Hickenlooper has a national profile as a slightly offbeat moderate willing to hold the middle ground of the Democratic Party, a good position for helping Joe Biden and possibly making a contribution to legislative progress in 2021.

Lauren Boebert, the new congressperson from Colorado’s sprawling Western Slope district, is beginning her term only one year after starting her political career. She launched a primary campaign against the incumbent Republican in late 2019 and has held no political office prior to her announcement. Boebert truly is an amateur, but is deeply entrenched in the Donald Trump, Freedom Party, Second Amendment, Stop the Steal wing of the Republican Party’s base. Although her mentor and touchstone will be leaving office, if not politics, on January 20, she’s likely to maintain outsized and high controversial influence due to her media talent for drama and conflict and the needs of conservative media, especially online to generate fresh copy for their audience. It remains to be seen if her position is the future or a dead end in the Republican Party.

Hickenlooper, since his swearing-in, criticized the election challenges and voted against them (only 6 senators supported the Arizona challenge and 7 Pennsylvania). Boebert praised the President, repeated the claims of a rigged election and voted for the challenges (with 121 for Arizona and 138 for Pennsylvania).

John Hickenlooper (L) is sworn in as U.S. Senator for
Colorado by VP Mike Pence, Jan. 3, 2021 | KREX photo

Lauren Boebert (CO-03) after being sworn in as a
Member of the 117th Congress, Jan. 3, 2021 | KREX

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