Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Are You Impressed We are Depending on Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to Support and Defend American Democracy?

All the former living U.S. secretaries of defense have called the election over and “the time for questioning the results has passed.”

Sources describe it was Dick Cheney who originated the idea for the statement.

“Our elections have occurred. Recounts and audits have been conducted. Appropriate challenges have been addressed by the courts. Governors have certified the results. And the electoral college has voted,” the former defense secretaries wrote. “The time for questioning the results has passed; the time for the formal counting of the electoral college votes, as prescribed in the Constitution and statute, has arrived.”

Former VP Dick Cheney (L) and former Secretary of Defense Donald
Rumsfeld attend a commissioning ceremony on board the USS Gerald R.
Ford CVN 78, July 22, 2017 | Mark Wilson/Getty Images

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Dave Barnes said...

Surprised and disappointed.
Not impressed.