Monday, January 4, 2021

Colorado Politics Covers Crossley Center’s Yearend Program: “What’s Next in Colorado?”

Joey Bunch’s headline, “Colorado’s Republicans have reasons to feel blue,” captured the conversation between political consultants Steve Welchert and Dick Wadhams at the Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research’s wrap-up 2020 program on where the two parties ended the year and what’s next heading into the next round of midterm elections.

The assessment was that Colorado no longer is a swing state and Republicans have major work to win any of the myriad of statewide offices up in 2022 – U.S. Senate, governor, attorney general, secretary of state and treasurer, or to be competitive in at least half the likely eight (up from 7) congressional seats.

The Crossley Center presented nine Zoom sessions on the 2020 presidential election that began in September with an election overview of the polling and election forecasts and included three panels on foreign policy, China, and Japan and the UN. It included a day after election session and closed with “what’s next.”

Sen. Michael Bennet (R) gives an air hug to election workers. Bennet and
former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter (L) made rounds to polling centers to visit
with poll workers, Ball Arena, Nov. 3. 2020 | Jerilee Bennett/The Gazette

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