Monday, January 25, 2021

New Words in a Transformative Year

2020 will be a transformative year. Every aspect of our lives, our relationships and our country has changed. It is hard to imagine the new “normal” is going to be a close reflection of life before March 2020. The following are the words that have pushed their way into our speech, writing and thinking in 2020, which highlight the shock and awe of 2020. COVID-19 changed our health and behavior. Masks and elbow bumps are now the appropriate social interactions. Zoom altered how we communicate. Shortages are a part of our life and we now mostly take-out from our favorite restaurants and order everything online. Finally, the “big lie” and insurrection started the year with a shock as devastating as the shutdown last March. For democracy and political stability, the January 6 riot was a 9/11- and Pearl Harbor-type event.

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