Monday, September 9, 2013

Recall Campaigns Surpass Three Million Dollars

Democratic billionaires are providing a major part of the money fueling embattled incumbent State Senators John Morse’s and Angela Giron’s campaigns. Recent contribution reports show more than $500,000 has been collected from pro-gun control New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and billionaire Los Angeles civic activist Eli Broad. They recognize a loss will have major repercussions in Colorado for the Democrats’ dominance in a swing state and nationally for the gun control movement. The total reported is now more than $3.5 million for both races.
Giron’s Pueblo opponents declared $24,000 and another outside player, the NRA, reported contributions totaling $362,000. Identifiable amounts near the end of the campaign from media reports are $3 million for anti-recall and $400,000 for pro recall forces.
Television and radio advertising, mostly for the Democrats, is near saturation. The mail and phoning has been ongoing, along with the hundreds of volunteer walkers. Environmental, labor and women groups are coming in from the Denver metro area and beyond. Democrats, their liberal allies and gun control forces are all in attempting to save the two Democratic senators on Election Day – September 10. 
National and international media has been providing extensive coverage due to the local and national consequences. Predictions in what is expected to be a low turnout race are difficult. Although the Democratic incumbents have an advantage in resources and the public’s dislike of recalls, the anti-gun control forces have a passionate grassroots base and a supportive narrative of Democratic legislative overreach.

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