Friday, September 20, 2013

Money Doesn’t Change Result

Three million dollars could not stop the recall of two Colorado senior democratic leaders.

Associated Press/Washington Post, 9-9-13
“Political analyst Floyd Ciruli said Democrats seem to have been upset about what they saw as government overreach not just on guns but on other parts of the Democratic agenda. Polling showed individual gun laws, such as limiting ammunition magazines to 15 rounds, had some support, but the size and speed of the gun package and other Democratic bills may contributed to the senators’ fate, he said.

About 40 percent of voters turned out in Pueblo, an impressive figure given that there were no mail ballots.
‘There’s definitely a protest going on out there,’ Ciruli said.”
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Colorado Public Radio, Ben Markus, 9-13-13
“Longtime Colorado pollster Floyd Ciruli says the Republicans have passion, ‘but their passion is now matched by the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been put on the side of the Democrats to balance that out.’
Ciruli says it’s unheard of to have millions of dollars flowing into a state senate race.
The financial advantage may be why, despite the demographics of his district, State Senator John Morse is so confident he’ll defeat his GOP challenger, Bernie Herpin.
‘They see me as vulnerable. Me? Not so much,’ Morse said.
He says, tune in September 10th to see who’s right.”
See CPR: Colo. Recalls Attract National Attention, Money

Reuters, Keith Coffman, 9-11-13
“Denver independent pollster Floyd Ciruli agreed.
‘There was a sense that people were not being listened to and felt shut out from the aggressive agenda put forward by Democrats in the legislature,’ he said, noting that an 8-to-1 spending advantage by recall opponents failed to stave off defeat.
The Colorado recall battle drew more than $3.5 million in campaign contributions. But the bulk of it - nearly $3 million - came from opponents of the recall drive who support stricter gun control, figures from the secretary of state's office showed.”
See Reuters: Over-aggressive agenda may have doomed two recalled Colorado Democrats

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