Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Vulnerable Governor

Although conventional wisdom says John Hickenlooper can’t be beat by the current Republican field, he is vulnerable, and if the Republican Party had a viable candidate, he could be in a tough race.

Quinnipiac assembled their latest polls for nine governors up for re-election. Hickenlooper is in the middle of the pack for approval among all voters, but below 50 percent. He is a bit lower than midway with independent voters and is near the very bottom in approval from Colorado Republican partisans.
This represents a major reversal for Hickenlooper from his popularity as mayor of Denver and his first two years as governor when he was seen as a moderate, highly approved by independents and liked by large numbers of Republicans.
A Republican that could unite their party and appeal to disaffected independents could beat Hickenlooper.

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