Monday, February 6, 2012

Obama in Difficult Colorado Re-election

Gallup’s survey of its 2011 polling in the 50 states shows President Obama with a 44 percent national approval rating (Gallup’s February tracking poll has Obama’s approval at 43%).

The survey shows Obama has 40 percent approval in Colorado.  (A Ciruli Associates poll in November 2011 of likely voters had Obama’s approval at 39%.)

Obama’s approval is highest in Washington D.C. (81%), and above 50 percent in the big states of California (50%), New York (55%), New Jersey (51%), Illinois (50%) and Romney’s Massachusetts (55%).  He is lowest in the Mountain West:  Utah (29%), Idaho (29%), Wyoming (31%), Montana (34%) and Alaska (36%).

Colorado, with its 40 percent job approval (5% below the 2010 annual average), joins a list of swing states that Obama’s re-election will depend upon.

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