Thursday, February 16, 2012

Colorado in Middle Position in Western Political Mood

The country moved to the right the last two years and the West has some of the most conservative and Republican states in the country.

Americans are still more likely to identify as conservative (40%) than liberal (21%).  About one-third are self-declared moderates (36%) (Gallup, Feb. 3, 2012).  Also, Gallup (Feb. 2, 2012) reports that the Democratic Party lost their advantage in 18 states since 2008 and Republicans gained the advantage in six.

The table shows the twelve continental mountain and pacific states arrayed from the most conservative and Republican represented by Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Alaska to the most liberal and Democratic; i.e., California, Washington and Oregon.

Arizona, Colorado and Nevada are the most competitive from both a partisan and ideological perspective.  Although Montana and New Mexico are in the middle of the competitive range, Montana leans Republican and New Mexico leans Democratic.

Conservative states tend to be in the South (Mississippi the most conservative) and the West.  None are on the coast.  All the most liberal states are on the coasts, with Oregon, Washington and California in the West.

See Gallup:

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