Monday, November 28, 2011

Republicans Take on Congressional Redistricting

Not only did Denver District Court Judge Robert Hyatt provide an incentive for Colorado Republicans to fight his redistricting plan in court by adopting a plan that makes two seats more friendly to Democrats – the 3rd and 6th CDs – but by endorsing the Democrat’s plan and their rationale of competition with no changes, he provided Republicans an argument for their grassroots and the court of public opinion.

“‘They [Republicans] think that at least two congressional seats, the suburban seat that Congressman Coffman’s in, and the West Slope seat which they [Republicans] just won – the 3rd congressional – have now been moved to some extent toward the democratic side of things, so they don’t see much to be lost, and a lot potentially to be gained [by challenging the ruling],’ Floyd Ciruli, 9News, Political Analyst, says.”
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