Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sixth CD Now in Play

Congressman Mike Coffman now has the most competitive congressional district in the state due to Judge Hyatt adopting the Democratic redistricting map.

Two-term Representative Joe Miklosi, who looked like a place filler and long shot in the original congressional district based mostly in very Republican Douglas County, is now a contender.  The new district will still lean more Republican than Democrat due to its independent voters being more conservative than liberal (33% Democrat, 34% Republican, 32% unaffiliated).  And, Coffman is a very effective campaigner.  But, if Miklosi can ward off a primary from a stronger Democrat (more experience, more name identification, more supporters, more money, etc.), he will pass his first test.

“‘His (Miklosi) most vulnerable moment is right now as the party is really thinking they can win this seat and questioning if this is their strongest candidate,’ said Floyd Ciruli, a local political analyst.  ‘Coffman is a strong candidate and has won a number of statewide elections in the past.’”
See Denver Post article:  Democrat Miklosi could benefit from new congressional map as he looks to unseat Coffman

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