Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ides of March Very Conservative Film

A Hollywood political movie that portrays presidential politics and candidates as cynical and corrupt is standard fair. But typically, the liberal idealists fair better than the conservative realists. The Ides of March boldly heads in a different direction. And, it stars, was written and directed by one of Hollywood’s great liberals.

The movie’s top politician and the George Clooney character is a liberal who uses the idealist rhetoric of Barack Obama and has the testosterone of Bill Clinton.

In the course of the movie, the candidate impregnates an intern (leading her to suicide), fires his campaign manager to cover up the story and sells out his ideas to accept a second-rate Ohio senator on the ticket who is a black politician.

Most of the liberals I talked to said the movie was depressing and portrays politics too cynically.

What was your take on it?

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