Monday, June 17, 2024

Colorado Primary to See New Republican Team: Traditional vs. MAGA

Colorado Congressional Districts, 118th CongressTwotwofourtysix, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The June 25 Colorado primary will settle the contest between Colorado’s traditional and historically successful Republican Party and the new Donald Trump-inspired MAGA wing. Early predictions now confirmed by polling and funding were that the traditional wing would have their strongest odds in the Western Slope 3rd district with Jeff Hurd and the Colorado Springs 5th district with Jeff Crank. A recent poll also supported the expectation Lauren Boebert will survive her seat switch and gain a win in the six-person 4th CD primary.

The three questions raised by Colorado’s surprising three open Republican congressional seats at the start of the year were:

  1. Who would dominate the Republican primaries – conservative candidates from the mainstream Republican Party or MAGA? It appears two traditional, one MAGA.
    • 3rd Jeff Hurd (Ron Hanks)
    • 4th Lauren Boebert (?)
    • 5th Jeff Crank (Dave Williams)
  2. Would Boebert survive shift from 3rd CD (she was losing after 2 terms) to 4th CD. She’s ahead of field.
  3. Can a Democrat win any of the races? Uphill, but Hurd most vulnerable in less Republican 3rd CD against Democrat Adam Frisch who has millions of anti-Boebert dollars to spend.

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