Monday, June 17, 2024

Not Expecting Much Change in Colorado State Legislature

Colorado State CapitolColorado State Capitol | Photo: Library of Congress Carol Highsmith

Democrats are safe in both the House (super majority) and Senate (near super majority). Very little or no partisan movement is expected. But there will be a fight to gain or stop super majority. In Senate, Republicans must hold their 12 seats to stop Democrats from super majority (23-12). They have to gain 3 seats in House to end Democrats super majority (46-19), not likely.


  • Republican state chair running for Congress. Poor job of state legislative recruiting, not much fundraising.
  • Democrats have primary won with far left House members but safe seats.
  • Action this year is in Congressional races with three Republican open seats (primaries between MAGA and Establishment).
  • Many ballot propositions reflecting tax and cultural battles left over from legislature.

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