Friday, December 16, 2022

Crossley Center Activities – Election 2022

The Crossley Center has been a focal point for election interpretation and public opinion analysis since its founding in 2014. Elections, as a critical experience for citizens in democracy, have served well as teaching tools and dialogue for events.

Once again, the Crossley Center was active during the 2022 election season with presentations on politics and polling for Colorado audiences. On election night, November 8, I analyzed the Democratic sweep of the state from the closing of Colorado’s throughout the night from the booth of KOA Radio. On Thursday, November 10, I moderated a panel of Colorado political and media experts at the Denver Press Club. Also during that week I presented analysis of the election results and impact on Colorado politics to Denver service clubs.

Western pollsters and academic experts convened in San Francisco in early December and I chaired a panel on the election results in the West, including a discussion of what happened to the Red Wave and the quality of polling in 2022. Additionally, through my blog, I posted numerous evaluations on what the election results mean for Colorado’s policy and politics. The potential impact on the 2024 presidential election is already under consideration. National pundits have begun listing Governor Jared Polis as a potential candidate.

Since its founding, the Crossley Center has been dedicated to public engagement and the advancement of public opinion research and analysis. Former dean and now Ambassador Christopher Hill joined in numerous presentations from the November 2016 presidential election through the 2020 election. Dean Fritz Meyer and Korbel School and University of Denver professors have participated in panels discussing U.S. and Colorado political and public policy. The Center remains committed to strengthening democracy and providing students and citizens with the tools to understand and achieve public policy goals.

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