Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Colorado Has Two of Closest Congressional Races in Country – Will They Be Battlegrounds in 2024?

Lauren Boebert’s 546 vote thin survival in the western slope 3rd Congressional District was the closest in the county. But it was nearly equaled by fifth place Yadira Caraveo’s 1,632 vote victory in the new north Denver metro area 8th Congressional District.

Five Closest House Races of the 2022 Cycle
Five Closest House Races of the 2022 Cycle

Although Colorado is now judged a “Blue State” by most observers, these two districts are likely to be top battlegrounds between the parties in 2024. The Republicans’ narrow House majority will motivate both parties to start early and target many of closest races from 2022. Along with the candidates’ and their supporters’ own efforts, they will again be subjected to the national swing from the 2024 presidential election.

Boebert and Caraveo

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andrew said...

CO-3 would not ordinarily be close, of course. Trump won it by 8 or 9 percentage points. The only reason it is close is because Lauren Boebert is the weakest GOP member of Congress in the country.

CO-8 is inherently close, but as we learned in pre-redistricting CO-6 and CO-7 an incumbent has a strong edge in an otherwise evenly divided district.