Friday, November 4, 2022

KOA Live Election Night Coverage

The 2022 midterm election promises many close races and some surprises. 850 KOA will broadcast live coverage from 6 PM to 11 PM on election night, November 8.

In the booth will be iHeartMedia executive producer Ryan Schuiling managing field reporters and guest interviews. I will join him for political analysis of both the national trends and the Colorado returns, which should flow in quickly after 7:00 PM.

Some questions:

  • Was the swing in the Congressional race a surprise? If divided government, what’s next in Washington?
  • Did Colorado Republicans recover from the 2018 midterms? If not, what’s next for the party?
  • Who won the new congressional district in Colorado? Was the Lauren Boebert race tight?
  • Will wine be in more stores, psychedelics legalized?
  • Is the 2024 presidential race Biden vs. Trump? If not, who’s in the field?

See the blog Ciruli Buzz for more background on the election.


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