Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Colorado Water Congress Has Gardner and Hickenlooper Together Talking Water at Summer Conference

In one of their first exchanges of the 2020 campaign, the Colorado Water Congress has U.S. Senator Cory Gardner and challenger, John Hickenlooper, in a curated virtual discussion on water issues facing Colorado.

Among the topics are the perennial problems of money for water programs and infrastructure, the drought and its East-West Slope implications, and support for increased storage capacity.

After the candidates present their views and answer questions, the exchange will be discussed by me with an overview of the race, and then Republican consultant Cinamon Watson of Catalyst Public Affairs and Democratic consultant Rick Ridder of RBI Strategies and Research will present their perspectives on the race. We close with a roundtable discussion of politics of the senate race and how water issues will be affected by the election.

For CWC 2020 Summer Conference info, click here

John Hickenlooper (L) and Cory Gardner discuss the Spring Fire
at a press conference, July 5, 2018 | Andy Cross/The Denver Post

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