Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Colorado Politics and Denver Post Cite Ciruli Blog, The Buzz, on Sanders’s Damages to Democratic Ticket

In a blog posted on Feb. 20, I speculated on the impact on John Hickenlooper’s run for senate. It was quoted in a story on Colorado Politics by Joey Bunch (Feb. 25) and in the Denver Post by Justin Wingerter on Feb. 28.

“Floyd Ciruli, a longtime Colorado pollster and political consultant, wrote last week that if Sanders is successful, the Democratic challenger to Gardner will ‘have to run with the most vulnerable Democratic nominee since George McGovern in 1972,’ to Gardner’s benefit.”

Later, Jesse Paul in the Colorado Sun on Feb. 28 quoted Senator Michael Bennet talking about his presidential race as:

“I think it makes it much more challenging in purple states for Democrats who are running if Sanders is at the top of the ticket,” Bennet said.

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