Friday, March 27, 2020

Trump’s Winning Support as Nation Rallies in Crisis

Although President Trump has received considerable criticism for his lack of urgency in January and February when the coronavirus was raging in China and getting a foothold in America, his approval rating was unmoved and has now begun to climb. Specific measures of his performance on the virus have been mostly divided by party, but several have offered him considerable support and his approval average is now at the top of the range he’s been in for nearly four years.

Trump’s public opinion success is a product of the country tending to ‘rally around the flag” in a crisis, his improved commander-in-chief performance after the disastrous Oval Office speech on March 11, and his own communication system on Twitter, Fox News and a host of online and radio supporters.

A summary of some recent polling data:
  • Awareness of the crisis and concern for personal and family health is high
  • Trust in the Federal government is weak and highly partisan. Trust in state and local government is high.
  • Public optimism about the economy is declining rapidly
  • People are divided about duration being weeks and months
  • Public health officials are highly respected. Their views will likely dominate
  • Media is poorly rated. Many believe it exaggerates the crisis.
President Donald Trump speaks during daily briefing on the novel coronavirus
 at the White House, March 20, 2020 | Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

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