Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Autocrats Cook While Tanks Rumble

Western democracy, and America in particular, are being challenged by two powerful autocrats who argue that liberal democracy is a passé governing concept and that Americans don’t have the confidence, credibility or resources to maintain the order that it guided since World War II.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping make
pancakes during a visit to the Far East Street exhibition on the sidelines of the
Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia, Sept. 11, 2018 | Reuters
Vladimir Putin invited Xi Jinping to a Russian pancake cooking class in Siberia while Chinese troops joined Russians in a large five-day military exercise that U.S. Defense officials described as: “…moving beyond symbolic displays of force to coordinate weapons systems and command structures. Washington says the two countries have developed capabilities that could test U.S. military dominance in times of crisis.”

Russian General Valery Gerasimov (second from left) briefs
diplomats on military exercises, Sept. 11, 2018 | The Recorder

See Wall Street Journal: China joins Russian drills as ties deepen

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