Wednesday, September 26, 2018

9News: Get Registered

About 3 million Colorado voters are on the active registration list, but only slightly over half tend to turn out in midterm elections. In an interview with 9News Nelson Garcia, both parties and the candidates are trying to increase voter registration and turnout for the 2018 election.

Elections in Colorado often are close. The June Democratic Attorney General primary was decided by 5,000 votes and Governor Bill Owens beat Gail Schoettler for the governorship by only 8,000 in 1998.

Colorado’s 2018 midterm election is considered competitive with the election of a new governor to replace term-limited John Hickenlooper and Colorado State Senate now held by Republicans by one vote.

Control of U.S. Congress will also be affected by the highly contested 6th congressional race between Mike Coffman and Jason Crow.

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