Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Olympics in Trouble Before Studies Done

Former Colorado Governor
Dick Lamm | Anthony Camera
Denver’s Olympic boosters start in a public relations deficit. The metro area’s spectacular growth has taken a toll on the region’s usual booster culture.

Opposition to a 2030 Olympics has brought Dick Lamm, leader of the defeated 1976 Olympics, out of retirement. He joins Generation X Brighton Boulevard developer, Kyle Zeppelin, and a host of activists who are ready to mount a campaign against the idea before the Olympic Exploratory Committee can even finish its studies on the basic feasibility of the concept. Tough environment for a high-profile development concept, even if it has modest and manageable impact.

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Dave Barnes said...

A billion times NO.
We, as taxpayers, would be stuck paying off $100M+ in debt. Maybe as much as $1G.
The Olympics are a drain on every venue that hosts them.
Should I even mention all the corruption that surrounds them?