Monday, March 12, 2018

Coffman Stands Firm on the NRA

Politicians must deal with campaign contributions that are sometimes controversial. The NRA regularly becomes a political target after school shootings and even more so after the school tragedy in Florida. A recent Aurora Sentinel article by Kara Mason explores the issue in the 6th Congressional District, one of the most contested in the country.

Mike Coffman is a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the NRA. He is the Colorado congressional recipient of the largest amount of NRA political action money and he generally supports their agenda.

Under criticism from Democrats and his opponent, Jason Crow, Coffman has remained loyal to the NRA, kept the contributions, but offered some modest variations on NRA steadfast opposition to nearly all federal legislation making a slippery slope argument.

I pointed out that there is also a slippery slope in giving back money, which opponents will exploit. In addition, NRA members who are very committed and politically active would take a hostile view of any congressional “friend” turning on them.

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