Thursday, March 8, 2018

Janice Bradish Munoz

A PCH spirit leader of the class of ‘64, Janice Bradish Munoz passed away suddenly. I only saw Janice in recent years at our periodic reunions, but I know that she was one of the key organizers and, of course, the most enthusiastic and spirited at our masses, parties and dinners.

If you look at an old Shamrock yearbook, her reference in the index was among the longest. She volunteered for most everything. She helped make those four years much more fun for all of us. I remember she was one of our officers in our freshman and senior years, but luckily wasn’t during the infamous Junior Class Float experience. She kept an upbeat view throughout our years and travels.

Mostly, I remember Janice’s smile and friendly hello.

We, of course, will miss her, but we are comforted by our belief that all that enthusiasm is now with the angels and saints.

Rest in Peace Janice.

Your classmate,

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