Monday, October 31, 2016

Trump, Glenn Winning El Paso County – But is it Enough?

In a new Ciruli Associates poll for the Colorado Springs Gazette, Republican Donald Trump and hometown U.S. Senate candidate, Darryl Glenn, are winning El Paso County voters. Not surprising in the Republican-rich county, but their margin may be too small to win the state. Trump is receiving 50 percent to Hillary Clinton’s 32 percent. Glenn receives 51 percent of voter support to Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet’s 35 percent.

In a four-way race, Trump has 47 percent, Clinton 30, and the two main independent candidates split 10 points (Gary Johnson and Jill Stein).

In recent history, statewide Republican candidates receive about 60 percent of the El Paso County vote. If forms an essential component in their statewide vote.

See The Gazette:  Trump and Glenn widely favored by El Paso County voters in new Gazette poll

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