Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Clinton and Bennet Hold Significant Leads in Polls at Start of Colorado Voting

Colorado began mail-back voting on October 18 as ballots began to arrive at the homes of more than 3 million registered voters. Nearly 300,000 have been returned as of Tuesday, October 25.

A SurveyMonkey poll of 15 battleground states was reported in the Washington Post on October 18. Clinton won the two-way race in Colorado by 9 points and the four-way race by 7 points.

Among the state surveyed, Gary Johnson received his second highest vote in Colorado, tying with Wisconsin at 12 percent. He received 18 percent, his highest percentage in his home state of New Mexico (Clinton won the state by 8 points).

Senate incumbent Michael Bennet was cruising to re-election with 52 percent of the vote compared to 42 percent for Republican Darryl Glenn.

The latest Quinnipiac Colorado survey has Clinton ahead 45 percent to 37 percent in a four-way race from a poll conducted October 10-16 (in the two-way race, Clinton is ahead 11 percent).

Clinton’s four-way number increased one point since September 22 (before the 1st debate, Sept. 26) and Trump’s support went down 5.

Bennet leads Glenn 56 percent to 38 percent, a major widening of the race since the September 23 Quinnipiac poll (Bennet 52% to Glenn 43%, a 9 point shift).

Hence, in two polls with very different methodologies, Clinton and Bennet are headed toward substantial wins.

Washington Post: Clinton holds clear advantage in new battleground polls
Quinnipiac University Poll, October 18, 2016

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