Monday, October 10, 2016

Five Out of Seven Statewide Ballot Issues Passing in Metro Poll

In a Ciruli Associates metro poll conducted the end of September, a majority of the statewide ballot issues are passing, although two have less than 60 percent, a sign of weaker support. Cigarette tax has the greatest financial opposition ($10 million).

Amendment 69, the single-payer initiative, has attracted the second largest financial opposition, with $4 million contributed and only $400,000 reported in support.

The contributions, and hence, campaign advantages, is with Medical Aid in Dying, Minimum Wage, Raise the Bar and the two primary election initiatives.

Survey of 900 metro likely voters, ±3.3 percentage points.

See Denver Post article: Tobacco giant pours $10 million into effort to defeat Colorado tax increase on its products

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