Monday, December 15, 2014

Landrieu Loses – The End of the Democratic South

With the win in Louisiana, Republicans gain nine senate seats and the last Democratic seat in the South. It has been an amazing transition from an entirely Democratic Deep South in 1960 to an entirely Republican one in 2014.

As of today, not including Florida or Virginia, no southern state from Texas to Arkansas to Georgia and the Carolinas has a Democratic senator, governor or Democratic-controlled legislature.  The transition was slow. Numerous Southern Democrats were able to combine the minority voting population with white Democrats into the 1990s. But, as the national party moved left, especially in the last decade, there were insufficient liberal white voters to get to a majority. Ms. Landrieu was the end.


steve said...

Damn.I expect the South to be more similar to Afghanistan than Virginia.

steve said...

how long until southern woman are wearing burkas?