Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Denver Metro Economic Surge

The latest sales tax revenue report from the Denver metro seven-county region shows a 9.78 increase over last year. A one-percent sales tax collected region-wide would have produced $380 million for local governments (or RTD) through September, on its way to a likely half billion by year’s end.

Colorado’s economy in 2014 has benefitted from the national economic improvement and specifically local population increases (3rd fastest growth in U.S. in 2013) and enhanced economic activity, such as the surge in gas and oil business.

Most investment analysts are cautious with next year’s forecasts holding stock market increases to less than 10 percent in 2015 (S&P 500) and many are at 5 percent or less. Possible economic slowdown is projected due to changes in the Fed’s interest rate policy and economic turmoil in Japan, Europe and China. The S&P is up 11 percent so far this year, and an average year sees a 7 percent gain.

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