Monday, December 29, 2014

Cuba – The Public is Ready for a Change

President Obama has support from a majority of Americans for normalizing diplomatic relations with Cuba in spite of partisan differences. Even Cuban-Americans support diplomatic relations. Lifting the travel ban is the most popular aspect of the actions proposed.

2014 Florida International University in Miami Cuba poll of Cuban-Americans shows:
  • 68% favor diplomatic relations
  • 90% among younger respondents
  • 69% favor lifting all travel restrictions
  • 71% say embargo hasn’t worked
CBS has asked Americans if they are in favor of “reestablishing relations with Cuba” since 1977, and the percentage has varied, but has been near 50 percent (slightly above or below) over the years and is now 54 percent.

There are the usual partisan divisions over Cuban policy, especially as to the likelihood normalization will improve democracy for the Cuban people. Only 26 percent of Republicans believe it will lead to more democracy whereas 51 percent of Democrats do. But the public, including Republicans (66% favor), favor lifting travel restrictions (77% favor overall).

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