Thursday, December 4, 2014

Denver Regionalism Challenged

One of the significant assets of the Denver metro area has been its commitment to regionalism. Voters and leaders have supported the following initiatives:
  • SCFD elections: 1998, 1994, 2004
  • RTD: 1997, 2004
  • Baseball: 1990; football: 1998
  • Denver Metro Mayors Caucus (40 mayors, starts in 1993)
  • Metro Denver Economic Development Cooperation (70 organizations, 1980s)

But today, there are many challenges. The key will be how to maintain shared fortunes and futures:
  • Core city population growth and economic viability (650,000), 3rd fastest growing state 2004, tops in job growth, 6th fastest growing city 2014
  • Airport and tourism as shared regional assets
  • Tamping down regional economic rivalries

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