Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RTD’s FasTracks Tax Proposal has Weak Voter Support in Metro Area

RTD’s proposal to double its sales tax dedicated to the FasTracks transit program begins with 49 percent support in the Denver metro area.  It has only a three percent lead against a committed opposition.

Nearly one-third (30%) of metro voters “definitely oppose” the tax increase and only 17 percent “definitely support.”

The Ciruli Associates question in this survey used a historical context of the revenue provided for the project since its 2004 inauguration.  Previously, polls have shown people like transit, especially light rail, and would like the system built out quicker.  But, the decline in trust in government makes RTD and its ability to manage finances and the project an issue in this election.

FasTracks has two-thirds of Democrats (65%) offering support, but barely one-third of Republicans (38%).  Only two-fifths (41%) of independent voters support the tax increase.

Voters in the two counties that should receive the most benefit from the next phase of transit expenditure, Adams and Boulder, are among the least supportive of the tax increase.  Even Denver is only mildly supportive.

The survey of the seven-county metro area voters was conducted by Ciruli Associates for the blog, The Buzz, using RDD probability sampling with 500 voters from April 6-10, 2012 (±4.4 percentage points).

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