Friday, March 2, 2018

KOA Interview: Mike Johnston Has a Chance

KOA political coverage with anchors April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz just finished interviewing the crowded field of Colorado gubernatorial candidates. Their last interview was with Walker Stapleton, who, due to money and endorsements, is the Republican frontrunner. In my wrap-up interview, the last question April asked was: Did Mike Johnston have a chance against Jared Polis? My answer was yes!

Polis, of course, has an advantage as a five-term congressperson with unlimited money. But Johnston has enough funding to be competitive, a powerful organization that brought in his petition in record time and without using a professional firm, and he makes an effective case for his candidacy, as he did on KOA.

Former State Senator Mike Johnston | AP
Most Democrats are undecided and candidate performance in forums and debates will be important between now and the June primary. Also, when Tom Tancredo left the Republican race, Democrats got more serious about their nominee. A strong mainstream Republican could win. More pragmatic Democrats are concerned about candidate vulnerabilities, including Polis’s.

The winnowing process begins on March 6 for all the caucus candidates. Those that are using petitions (or claim to be doing both – Polis) have until March 20. At that point, a few of the more than 10 candidates will drop out or be marginalized. But, it is possible each party will have four or more candidates on their primary ballot, meaning that 30 to 35 percent could win the nomination.

As of now, the last day of February, The Buzz has the contest as Stapleton vs. Johnston.

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