Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Poll Does Not Show Easy Election for Spread of Marijuana Commercialism

A new poll of Denver voters by marijuana advocates shows a public with little enthusiasm for the spread of marijuana consumption to bars and clubs.

Although advocates emphasize that total support for the initiative was 56 percent, in fact, more voters strongly oppose the initiative (31%) than strongly support it (20%). Voter passion is opposed to the initiative.

The question asked was framed with the initiative language as designed by lawyers and marijuana advocates. It emphasized the limits, not the expansion of commercial use. If opponents were framing the question, it would ask if voters wanted to expand marijuana consumption to bars, clubs and outside spaces. The verb “expand” is different from the verb “allow.”

Also note the 56 percent support is much weaker than the 66 percent recreational marijuana passed by in Denver in 2012.

The marijuana industry may find out Denver voters are cautious toward expanding the city’s reputation as a center for sales and consumption.

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