Tuesday, July 2, 2024

KOA Debate Interview

2024 Presidential Debate2024 Presidential Debate | Photo Al Jazeera

In a Friday morning post-presidential debate interview with KOA’s Marty and Jeana the topic was President Joe Biden’s poor debate performance and what the Democrats might do about it.

  • The headlines since the debate ended have been devastating –
    • “halting performance”
    • “Democrats in panic”
    • “Biden’s poor showing”
    • “Biden “babbling and hoarse”
    • “Biden’s rough night”

    Those weren’t FOX News reports.

  • In his biggest forum since the State of the Union, Biden needed to deal with the age issue (Gallup 59% voters believe he’s too old) and he failed spectacularly (51 million watched). Former President Trump just needed to stay in his lane and not repeat the poor performance in the first debate 4 years ago. He did it, even if filled with a torrent of false statements.

  • The weekend will begin days of commentary and in the next two weeks the Biden campaign already struggling in the polls, especially in battleground states, could see a dip of several points.

  • It is very difficult to change candidates. Biden has nearly 4,000 committed delegates, and even if he dropped out, an open convention would be chaotic and hold huge risks for the party.

  • It is a challenge but as of today Democrats will try to minimize the damage and push ahead (“Anyone can have a bad night,” Governor Newsom). They may shake up the staff and assemble party leaders in show of continued support and unity. But there will be considerable drama as to Biden’s fate from now to the Chicago convention, August 19.

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