Monday, October 15, 2012

Biden Brings Relief and New Energy to the Democrats

Joe Biden did his job. Democrats were relieved to see him fight after the listless performance of the President.  They have been re-energized for the final three weeks and are anticipating what they hope will be a Barack Obama comeback debate on Tuesday night.

Democrats were also delighted to have Biden hit the Republicans with specific arguments over “47%,” Medicaid, taxes and abortion.  Biden did all Democrats could have hoped for.

Paul Ryan held his own in the face of the Biden onslaught and, in fact, won some points, especially on style.  Ryan’s calm demeanor was a sharp contrast to Biden, who became so animated that it appeared in debate prep his advisors may have let a little too much slack into the performance.  About 15 minutes into the debate, Biden’s grins, grimaces, groans and interruptions became a distraction.  But, he had a good close, and Democrats sprinted into the spin room, a sharp contrast from the funeral march after the Obama debate.

Now, we will wait for data and prepare for the presidential town hall debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York.

Some early post-debate data:

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