Thursday, August 31, 2023

Boebert In Trouble with Independent Voters

Boebert and FirschBoebert and Firsch | Photos by RJ Sangosti/The Denver Post

Second term congresswoman Lauren Boebert is behind in the latest polling primarily because she is losing the large block of unaffiliated voters in the Third District by 17 points. The trajectory of her political career has been a rocket ride from obscurity in 2019 into Congress and then into national fame with an anti-establishment approach.

But the ride down has been just as quick. Her well-publicized disruptive behavior at the State of the Union (March 2022) and this year’s Speaker of the House election gave her a national constituency of far-right allies but cost her support in Colorado. A Republican primary opponent in 2022 with little money received 34 percent and in November she only won by 546 votes.

The District was designed during redistricting to have an 11 point Republican advantage in registration and performance. Former President Trump won it by 8 points in 2020 and the latest poll claims he’s ahead 5 points. However, she trails Democrat Adam Frisch in fundraising and has just picked up serious primary opponent. Her unfavourability rating is 53 percent. Lauren Boebert, as of today, is losing and Trump won’t help.

Boebert by the numbers Ciruli Associates, Keating Research, Colorado Secretary of State

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Dave Barnes said...

When you are stupid, the voters eventually figure it out.

Dave Barnes said...

Being tossed from the Buell Theatre is not going to help her.