Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Boebert Reelect Becomes Less Likely

Jeff Hurd and Lauren BoebertJeff Hurd and Lauren Boebert | Photo: AP file

Lauren Boebert, the county’s most vulnerable Republican, has just suffered another damaging blow. Jeff Hurd, a Republican attorney from Mesa, the 3rd Congressional District’s largest county, just announced a primary challenge. His campaign is endorsed by Republican icon, former Senator Hank Brown, and Grand Junction’s most respected Republican leader, former President of Mesa University, Tim Foster.

Hurd’s candidacy essential signals the party establishment believes Boebert will lose the race and they are preparing to take the seat back in the 2026 election.


Dave Barnes said...

How many G卐Per primary voters care about "most respected Republican leader"?

Floyd Ciruli said...

You’re right, the Republican, Trump base, doesn’t care about “most respected Republican leaders” but about a 30% of the party wants a different candidate and supported Don Coram in 2022.