Thursday, July 13, 2023

Boebert Goes Full MAGA

Boebert and Trump Jr in PuebloBoebert and Trump Jr. in Pueblo, CO | Photo: The Peublo Chieftain

Boebert and Trump Jr. in Pueblo

Pueblo loves politicians to pay attention to it, and Lauren Boebert in a fight for her political life, intends on targeting it. She helped bring Donald Trump Jr. to a crowd of 700 roaring fans to what was billed the Grand Old Party Freedom Fest. The Colorado State Fair hall was filled with MAGA paraphernalia, and the speakers played the greatest hits on immigration, Hunter Biden and transgender rights.

Boebert has rejected moving to a more centrist position and instead headed straight to full MAGA–Impeach Biden direction. And the presidential frontrunner is endorsing her in spite of Taylor Green’s “little b_ _ _ ” fight.

Boebert only won her last election by 546 votes and lost Pueblo County by about 4,300. (She nearly broke even in 2020.) To survive, she needs every possible Pueblo and surrounding rural area vote. Her main opponent, Adam Frisch, running again after his close loss, raised $2.6 million in the last quarter of fundraising.

In April, I asked if this could be Boebert’s last term. She’s in the fight and Pueblo will get the attention it likes.


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