Friday, March 17, 2023

Will Israel’s Move to the Right Increase Anti-Israel Sentiment in the U.S.?

A protest unfolds in Tel Aviv Mostafa Alkharouf/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

The latest Israel government has been described as the most right-leaning in the nation’s 75-year history with many intensely religious parties in the majority.

Members of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s religious-oriented cabinet are strong advocates for more religious schools and studies, and they now have authority over the police and the settlements in the West Bank, for which they support increases. Their effort to rein in the judiciary produced major protests.

It’s too early to know how it may affect Israel sentiment in the U.S. but there are already considerable anti-Israel viewpoints as expressed in a national poll sponsored by the ADL (NORC 2023).

  • Nearly 40% of Americans agree at least somewhat that Israel treats Palestinians like Nazi’s treated Jews.
  • 29% believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than the U.S.
  • 17% said they were somewhat uncomfortable spending time with a person who supports Israel.

People on the far left and younger adults have more anti-Israel views than the population at large. However, 90 percent of Americans believe Israel has a right to defend itself and 79 percent see it as a strong ally of U.S.

A new Gallup poll shows the American liberal community is further alienated from the Israeli government under Netanyahu and overall public sympathy for Israel has declined.

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