Thursday, March 16, 2023

Japan’s New National Security Strategy and U.S.-Japan Security Relations

Congratulations and thanks to professors Ahmed Abdrabou and Aaron Schneider for their many months of diligent work to get this program underway.

Today’s U.S. and Japan Diplomatic Program is a continuation of a program begun by the Crossley Center of Public Opinion Research and the Korbel School in 2019. With the help of Zoom it survived the pandemic, bringing Japanese professors together with Korbel professors and other U.S. experts.

Needless to say, the program topics have evolved. Beginning with how to deal with the “America First” politics of the Trump administration, to the changes in personnel and policy of the first year of the Biden and Suga administrations, to the emphasis on The Quad and finally the 2022 program that focused on the impact of the Ukrainian war, now the Russia-Chinese entente on a free and open Indo-Pacific are top of mind.

Professor Kanehara joined us last year when we focused on the Japan-South Korea relationship and its importance to the new security environment. This year’s program will highlight the changes underway among the free nations throughout the Indo-Pacific from Australia to the Philippines, Taiwan, and South Korea — and especially Japan’s dramatic shift in defense strategy and China’s reaction.

I believe this is the year of the Indo-Pacific and the program will continue to highlight the changed environment and what it means for the U.S. and Japanese relationship and strategy. The urgency is great considering the recent headlines throughout the region:

  • U.S. set to boost its troop presence in Taiwan. WSJ 2-24-23
  • Xi plans Moscow visit as Putin wages war. WSJ 2-22-23
  • U.S. eyes detailing Beijing’s potential arms aid to Russia. WSJ 2-23-23

I want to thank Dean Hall and Dean Mayer, who supported the Crossley Center’s initiation and operation of this program, and offer special thanks to the Japanese Consul General and his senior team for their support. I believe this program has a great future at the Korbel School as a part of an Asian program.

Floyd Ciruli
Director of the Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research
March 2023

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