Wednesday, November 14, 2018

“Too Bad, Mike”

President Donald Trump made clear he felt no sympathy for fellow Republicans who lost after failing to “embrace him,” in spite of them having voted for much of his agenda and who lost re-elections primarily due to his low popularity and divisive campaign. “I feel fine about it,” referring to candidates who didn’t want to “embrace.” Trump believes his support in the races would have secured their victory, similar to the few favored senate candidates who won.

“Too bad, Mike,” Trump said referring to Colorado’s Mike Coffman. He is wrong. Trump had a negative 20-point approval rating in the Sixth District and got only 41 percent against Hillary Clinton in 2016. Coffman won 43 percent this year. Trump was simply too much baggage for candidates in suburban swing districts. His embrace was political doom for a host of incumbent Republicans in 2018.

President Donald Trump speaks at a news conference
at White House, Nov. 7, 2018 | Evan Vucci/AP
Republican Rep. Mike Coffman addresses Colorado GOP watch
party  at the Denver Marriott South at Park Meadows after
conceding the race for the Colorado 6th District to Democratic
challenger Jason Crow | Andy Colwell/Gazette

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Dave Barnes said...

Mike had a path to winning. He just chose not to take it.
That path would have been to vote against The Dumpster® and the GOPer leadership for the two years preceeding the 2018 election.