Tuesday, November 6, 2018

City Club of Denver and “The New Politics of Colorado”

One week after one of the most anticipated political election events in recent American history, I will present to the City Club of Denver “The New Politics of Colorado.”

In this election, not only were the predictions offered with a significant degree of uncertainty, reflecting the closeness of final polls and the surprise 2016 results, but the passion and the rhetoric of our polarized politics framed the election as an existential decision as to the survival of American democracy.

And, of course, Colorado’s politics and government was at an inflection point with a major change in government officials at a moment when a flood of new voters, including a new generation, entered our electorate.

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Unknown said...

Key phrase: “...flood of new voters...” Time will tell whether they remain enthused when (not if) the economy deals all of us a ad hand. Brewing idealistic and optimistic in one’s 20’s & 30’s is expected. Waking up to day-to-day realities in one’s 40’s and on is mandatory if one is to avoid personal and economic disaster.