Tuesday, November 27, 2018

SCFD Has a Birthday Party – 30 Years Old

The Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) is throwing a party Wednesday night at 6:00 pm at McNichols Civic Center Building. It was 30 years ago this month that voters in the Denver metro counties voted by 75 percent to create the district and start funding the region’s small and large arts organizations.

John Wenzel and the Denver Post highlight the accomplishment in his Sunday article, “Three Decades of Collaboration.” Rob Johnson, SCFD board chair, pointed out access and collaboration have been hallmarks for the district:

“‘What has made SCFD special and unique nationally is the collaboration and access.’ Johnson  noted a project between the Butterfly Pavilion and the Colorado Ballet called ‘Metamorphosis Moves’ in which students from first to sixth grade ‘dance and move to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly.’ ‘With our focus on access, many across our region can afford to visit attractions and experiences they might not otherwise be able to afford.’”

The Buzz
Wenzel referenced the website, The Buzz, for a couple recent posts celebrating the SCFD’s history and accomplishments.

“The latest study released in early November showed a substantial increase in economic impact in just the last two years, now reaching $1.9 billion, up 8 percent with 11,820 cultural jobs,” wrote pollster and founding SCFD consultant Floyd Ciruli on his website, citing the CBCA’s recently released study, which has been conducted every two years since 1992. “The SCFD-supported organizations attract 15 million people and 4.3 million school children, who mostly attend events free due to the cultural subsidy.”

Gov. Roy Romer signed the legislation creating the district on July 1, 1987, Ciruli said. The supporters who were gathered around his desk could hardly have imagined that SCFD would this year be on track to distribute $60 million in taxpayer funds exclusively for arts, culture and science.

Many of the original founders will join the event, along with hundreds of the Denver volunteers, staffs and civic leaders who have kept the district a success for 30 years.

SCFD Community Celebration and Awards
Wednesday, November 28
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
McNichols Civic Center Building

Popsicle the SCFD mascot | Stephanie Wolf/CPR News

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